Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Boaz has found a house

Assuming everything goes smoothly, Boaz has found a house for us. It's a four bedroom rowhouse in a society in Kalyani Nagar. We will be walking distance from a grocery store, one of the rivers, and a major movie theater. All for about $600/month.

Like most rentals in India, it comes with no appliances except the in-line water heaters called Geysers. The real estate agent very conveniently owns an appliance store where we can buy a counter top stove that runs on gas canisters, washer/dryer, refrigerator and maybe a dishwasher.

Here are some pictures:


Oren said...

Thanks for doing this blog,Siera... loved your entries... and Happy New Year in India! I'll have to learn the skills of blogging. Like I probably should be adding this to your latest entry, but I didn't think about that until now! I'll see where this shows up when I post it.
~ Gramps
P.S. What's with these 'profile options' that I have to select in order to post?? Maybe I'll have to read the blogging instructions...sigh... first I'll just try something.

Ann said...

I agree, thanks for setting up this blog! You are a good writer and I am enjoying reading your commentaries, both good and bad.

Siera said...

Okay, Grampa (and everybody else). I fixed the settings so that you do not have to create a profile to post comments!