Friday, May 20, 2011

More pictures from Lucknow trip

Lucknow building alley

We stayed at a pleasant little hotel in Lucknow.  These were the views out our little terrace in the back.

Lucknow is known for kites.  Every afternoon we could see people flying them from roofs all around.  Is it a thing in the State to bring down other's kites?  That's the game here.  As a kid Brij would coat his kite string with shattered glass to better cut down his opponents.  Kites are popular in Pune too.  There's at least one vendor near the education center always with a box of paper kites.

Lucknow Chotta Imambara glass chandelier

The Chotta Imambara had an impressive collection of glass, gifted from nations all over the world.

Lucknow Chotta Imambara exterior floodline

Lucknow hunting lodge ruins

Lucknow outskirts overgrown building

We visited a school Brij went to briefly.  The main building was quite impressive (below) and the grounds were scattered with amazing, overgrown outbuildings.


Lucknow horse statue

A broken statue at the Residency.

Lucknow mall weird light boxes

You never know what you'll find at the mall.

Lucknow street scene digital computer store

Or on the street.

Lucknow street scene old airconditioning a/c units

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