Thursday, June 16, 2011


Along with the rain came an explosion of weeds in our totally neglected little back yard.  Believe it or not there were actually a few sad looking rosebushes under all this.

I finally bought some plants and did some weeding.   The surprisingly helpful rickshaw driver and maid concur that I paid far too much.  But I haven't stopped feeling $10 for the 9 plants and a big clay pot is pretty reasonable.  

I was hoping to get some herbs and vegetables too.  The nursery purveyor looked at me like I had some kind of illness as I mimed eating plants.

Paid somebody else to do the heavier pruning nonsense, weed the scary corner and soon to extend the flowerbed all along the fence.  Did you know a lot of bugs live outside?  True story.

Now we just need to decide whether to re-sod the whole yard or pave it or what.  It's mostly dirt without all those weeds.

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Ann said...

I love it! I wish I could come sit outside with you and share a cup of tea.