About Me

Hi!  I started this blog mostly so that my family could easily keep up with us half a world away.  It has the welcome side effect of creating a journal I can look back at if and when this adventure comes to an end.

Unless my mom is compulsively checking for updates while she flies around the world, I'm reaching at least a couple other folks too.  (Yay!)  So in case you don't know me or only know me as Ann's crazy daughter that up and moved to India with her boyfriend, but not like a job or anything, here's a little about me:

As of this writing, I'm a 25 year old Art History major that went into accounting/software consulting.  Totally makes sense, right?  I lived more or less my entire life in the Pacific Northwest (including Canada), before deciding to run away to Pune.  I always wanted to do extended world traveling, though this isn't quite what I had in mind.

I pretty wrenchingly miss my pets.  If it isn't already obvious I like to eat, almost as much as I like to cook, almost as much as I like wine.  In fact I just drank a bug because it was too small to warrant throwing out my glass of wine.  While in India I hope to spend some time trying to help the community, make some bad art, and lose some weight.  You know, normal stuff.  I hope you don't get too bored.

You can e-mail me at sierag <at> gmail <dot> com.


Anonymous said...
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Narender Jain said...

Her Sierra,
I am going thru your blogs after Ann's husband Brij told me about it.
I am a unserious blogger,reader of world news,traveller myself , and of course old friend of Brij.
I have two daughter in laws your age, you"ll like them when you meet them. We all live together ,and love it.
If you need to have Marathi friends in Pune ,I can call my college mate Shashank Joshi ,who is resident of Pune.
I have met your Mom in Delhi, and find her talented.
Pl call me at 98110 89707, if you want to learn more.