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I have a lot of free time to read these days and much of it goes toward articles available online.  I'll keep a list of those that are about India here and star the ones I particularly liked for whatever reason.

Light and Funny
Dowry calculator app  02/06/2011 CNNGo, added June 2011
How To Fight Monkeys  22/10/2007 Slate, added June 2011 ** 
10 Classic Indianisms  13/06/2011CNNGo, added June 2011
Saip Shock   23/05/2011 The NRI, added May 2011 ** 
Taco Bell: The Arrival  February 2009 The Caravan, added May 2011 **

Life Culture and the Arts
Listen to the Banned  15/12/2010 Guernica, added June 2011 **
The Land of Illusion  01/06/2010 The Caravan, added June 2011
Maha ups drinking age  02/06/2011 Hindustan Time, added June 2011
Jukeboxes on the Moon  01/07/2010 TripleCanopy, added June 2011
Hard Road to Travel  01/12/2010 The Caravan, added June 2011
Track and Failed  25/07/2008 The Guardian, added June 2011
     related:  India embraces superlatives  03/09/2007 USA Today
Too Young to Wed  June 2011 National Geographic, added June 2011 
One Bride Two Brothers  16/07/2010 The New York Times, added May 2011
Where's the beef? - 02/05/2010 LA Times, added June 2011
     related:  India's cows continue to die despite bag law  15/06/2008 Natural Environment
The incredible delivery system of India's dabbawallahs  02/05/2011 37signals, added May 2011 **
Roti, Kapda Aur Porn  21/05/2011 Open!, added May 2011
The Caste Buster  31/12/2010 The New York Times, added May 2011 **
25 years after Rajneeshee commune collapse, truth spills out  April 2011 The Oregonian, added May 2011
Why you should care about cricket  ESPN, added May 2011 **
Death Metal and the Indian Identity  April 2008 Guernica, added May 2011

Politics and History
July 2009 Delhi High Court decriminalizes gay sex  July 2009 InfoChange, added June 2011
In My Place: interview with Fatima Bhutto - July 2009 Guernica, added June 2011 **
Black Sheep and Exploding Turbans  05/15/2010 Guernica, added June 2011
The Un-Victim: interview with Arundhati Roy  15/02/2011 Guernica, added June 2011
A Landscape of Unbelongers  June 2011 InfoChange, added June 2011
Search for the real villain of Partition  18/08/2009 The Independent, added June 2011
Dangerous Knowledge  01/01/2011 The Caravan, added June 2011 **
The Great Democracy Meltdown  19/05/2011 The New Republic, added June 2011
The Bloody Crossroads  01/05/2011 The Caravan, added May 2011 **
Noam Chompsky: My Reaction to Osama bin Laden's Death  06/05/2011 Guernica, added May 2011
The Anarchic Republic of Pakistan  24/08/2010 National Interest, added May 2011
What have we done to Democracy?  28/09/2009 Guernica, added May 2011 
A Nation Without Hangmen  13/02/2010 Open!, added May 2011 **

Economy Education and Development
What makes life good?  02/05/2011 The Nation, added July 2011 **
My Summer at an Indian Call Center  05/07/2011 Mother Jones, added July 2011 **
Making sanitation as popular as cricket  April 2011 Info Change, added June 2011
From Empire to Monsanto April 2011 Info Change, added June 2011 **
In India, Engineering Success  02/01/2006 Washington Post, added June 2011
Teacher Performance Pay - 30/09/2009 Marginal Revolution, added June 2011
UP teachers get themselves suspended to pursue plum jobs  13/11/2009 Mail Today, added June 2011
     related:  Teacher Absence in the developing world  September 2008 Marginal Revolution 
Galloping growth and hunger in India  11/02/2011 The New York Times, added June 2011
Swift and Offshore  14/07/2005 The Guardian, added June 2011
Indian Entrepreneurs Should Learn From MakeMyTrip's Rocket IPO  13/08/2010 TechCrunch, added May 2011
The Sad, Strange Sacking of Muhammad Yunus  18/05/2011 Guernica, added May 2011
Mumbai's Shadow City  May 2007 National Geographic, added May 2011
India graduates millions, too few are fit to hire  05/04/2011 The Wall Street Journal, added May 2011 **
     related:  Why America needs to start educating its workforce again  27/03/2010 TechCrunch 
Small Changes, Big Results  April 2011 Boston Review, added May 2011

Environment and Health
India's Vanishing Vultures  Spring 2011 VQR, added July 2011 **
Whisper of death  22/08/2001 Salon, added June 2011
How I got well in India for $50  03/09/2009 Salon, added June 2011 **
Exposing India's Blood Farmers  06/06/2011 Wired, added June 2011
Cash on Delivery 01/09/2010 The Caravan, added June 2011
Revolutionary New Birth Control Method for Men  26/04/2011 Wired, added May 2011 **
The Needle and the Damage Done  01/04/2011 The Caravan, added May 2011
The Coming Storm  May 2011 National Geographic, added May 2011
Eviction Slip  April 2008 Guernica, added May 2011 **
Rehydrating India  16/07/2010 Guernica, added May 2011
Seeds of Suicide  15/06/2010 Guernica, added May 2011
Preventing Infant Mortality in Delhi  08/04/2010 Guernica, added May 2011
A Deadly Misdiagnosis  15/11/2010 The New Yorker, added May 2011 **
     related: slideshow with audio commentary

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