Blogs I Dig

Ashraya Initiative for Children - The Blog

Diary of a White Indian Housewife

Our Delhi Struggle

Expat Alley

Talimpu - Tons of veg Indian recipes.  Really well tagged;  Even though it's a blog, you can always find what you want by type of dish or ingredient.  I rarely really follow recipes, but the inspiration found here has yet to fail.

Abstract City - All about visual cleverness. So excited Neimann's pieces will now be in the NYT Magazine and updating more often!

collision detection - Musings on science/technology/culture from regular Wired contributor Clive Thompson.

Celebrities Eating Dot Com - Self explanatory and totally hilarious, from the always affable Mr. Alex Pasco.

Hyperbole and a Half - You only really have to read the one about dogs. I laughed so hard I had to take breaks.

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