Saturday, January 1, 2011

First day in Pune!

It was terribly early and dark when I arrived. Very little traffic and hard to see much of the city in our short drive. I may be desensitized from all the conditioned, recycled air on the planes, but my very first impression is that this Indian city smells a lot better than I expected.

After settling in a bit at the hotel, we are going to make our way to the new house. Boaz wants to repaint ASAP, so I need to see it in person. I was hoping to walk there; the best way I've found to get a feel for a new place, but it doesn't seem super practical here.

My next mission is to find a massage, but it is a holiday. Hopefully I will at least manage to stay up until a reasonable bedtime and nip this jetlag business in the bud.

Happy new year!

Here is the view from our hotel terrace:

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