Monday, January 17, 2011

Best household gadget EVER!!!

Indian electric mosquito swatter bat zapperNow I'm the hunter. A rain of fire in my wake.

And Boaz is a little disturbed by my enthusiasm.


ShelleyK said...

You get those suckers, Siera! I think pennyroyal (sp?) is what we always used at Country Fair for this problem.

Siera said...

I'm trying! And another measure needs to be applied. Is that a repellent or a bug spray? I haven't explored what I'm sure are myriad options here yet. Seems like one mosquito always manages to hide under our bed until we fall asleep. I wake up in the night to itching or buzzing, eager to turn on the light and go a-hunting. But Boaz is usually still asleep.

Aurora said...

It's like Zeus' tennis racket. Go get 'em tiger! *evil cackle*