Thursday, February 17, 2011

First class?

I did my first classes today.  They went really well, I think.  I hadn't actually prepared enough material for them.  The other volunteers had emphasized not expecting too much from the classes.  It makes sense.  This is an extracurricular for them and they only see us twice a week for an hour at time.  But all of my classes were pros at reading as a group, at least phonetically.

Housie was big hit.  I caught myself doing a lot of India no-no's.  I pointed at children to call on them, I patted a kids head.  Nobody called me out, but even I know that these are rude behavior here.  There's a lot of learning to go around on both sides I think and we're getting to where we can share that with each other.

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Ann said...

OK, I'm trying to leave another post, hopefully this one will stick! I like your "doctrine of humanism" line of thinking; I have been involved with a church oriented orphanage in India, and sometimes the religious undertones can bother me (because they become overtones!). It's nice to learn about an organization that is just doing good work in the community because of that human value, which people of all religions(or no religion)can support. :)