Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sick again!

I don't usually get sick this often, so I'm pretty grumpy about it.  Probably I can look forward to getting sick a lot more here.  Not only are the viruses foreign, but now I'm doing volunteer work in a building that sees 250+ kids, from who knows how many schools.  Dengue fever hasn't been ruled out yet either.  Our stuff has been processed by customs and will hopefully be delivered soon.  Being stuck in an uncomfortable bed all the time doesn't help with the grumpiness. 


AndreaGlick said...

So you were sick when we had our Skype conference?? I didn't know that. Fun catching up with you.

AndreaGlick said...

Oh... even though this says Andrea, it's Greg!

Siera said...

The feverish, lethargic, painful skin and headache portion were over. I don't know if that was even related to the digestive issues that I'm still struggling with. So I wasn't too sick by then. :) Yes, it was fun to talk to all of you too. We'll have to do it again soon.