Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pictures from the Delhi trip

We were in Delhi over Holi.  We saw evidence of the festivities, but didn't get much action ourselves.

Delhi old city Holi 

One of the sites we visited was the Qutub Minar.

 Delhi Qutub Minar window

The Islamic architecture in India is really amazing.  I haven't yet made a point of visiting many Hindu temples and sites.  To-do list amended.

Delhi Qutub Minar arch detail

Here's a shot of the complete minaret.  A second was also started and abandoned.

The level of detail on almost every surface of the entire compound is overwhelming.

Delhi Qutub Minar detail

Tropical birds!  We're not in Kansas anymore.  There were also a lot of monkeys in Delhi.

Delhi Qutub Minar parrots on arch

We visited a little shopping area/alley in Delhi.  This was one of the most contemporary and, dare I say hip, feeling areas I've visited in India.

Delhi hip shopping district

Right down to the local graffiti artist, Spray Dog.

Delhi graffiti Spray Dog

There were art galleries, clothing and music shops, but it doesn't look like we got pictures of any of them.

Delhi street scene

An extra special thanks to Push, Rashmi, and Arun for your company and hospitality.  Please do let us return the favour and visit us in Pune!

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