Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pictures from Tel Aviv

Here are some of Boaz's pictures from Tel Aviv.  I'll post those from Jerusalem, Akko, and Haifa in another entry.

Tel Aviv graffiti Egg Plant Krew 

If there is grafiti or boats, Boaz is taking a picture of it.  This is a piece by the Egg Plant Krew.  Eggplant being like a repurposed, empowered racial slur in this case.

Tel Aviv graffiti exquisite corpse

Exquisite corpse!  I love that game!

Tel Aviv graffiti

A lot of the graffiti takes advantage of architectural features. 

Tel Aviv cute wedding sign 


Tel Aviv
 There's a great mix of new and old architecture, which I have not done justice to here.

Tel Aviv children

Some children playing near a beach cafe.

Tel Aviv beach cafe

Half of the pictures are basically beach post cards.

Tel Aviv skyline beach

Tel Aviv stretches the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Tel Aviv boardwalk

The boardwalk is dotted with shaded seating areas and non-stop incredible views.

Tel Aviv beach ocean sunset

There is a group of men (mostly recovering drug addicts) that have found religion.  They drive around the city blasting dance music to bring joy to others, as God has commanded.  Cute.

Tel Aviv religious dance fever
The nightlife must be good, because there aren't too many  photos of it.

Tel Aviv nightlife

Even though Boaz was there over Yom Ha'atzmaut, Israel's independence day.

Tel Aviv Yom Ha'atzmaut flags skyscraper 

Also, a dog on a car.

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