Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mosquito bat

Good things to know about the totally awesome mosquito bat:

It is darn cheap.  I plan to get one for every room in the house.

It is darn satisfying.  I love killing mosquitoes.  This week we have some fruit flies.  It kills them too!

If you are wearing leggings  (they are good to work out in, shut up), it will not shock you through them.  You can rub that bat all over yourself in a fit of bug paranoia.

It holds a charge for AGES.  I plugged it in overnight as recommended, and it held its charge for like a month.

You cannot actually kill all the mosquitoes with it.  It is a sad reality to face.  As empowered as you feel bringing down all those bugs with a loud snap and bright spark, there are always more.

At first you will want to touch it.  I can't recommend or discourage this, as I haven't tried it.  This went away after killing some number of bugs, but the urge is coming back.  If I succumb and shock myself with it, you'll be the first to know.  If you've already done this, please post your story in the comments.


angad singh/arbitary said...

touch it, i do it all the time :) my friends think i'm crazy...and anyway, think about it uses very little electricity, there isn't enough to harm most moderately healthy human adults..

one more thing you can try, lightly touch your tongue to the metal part of a laptop charger (the part that goes into the laptop)

it's zany!

Siera said...

Jesus, you are totally right. It is just so dramatic when you use it, I hadn't thought of it like that.

So, I did it. I shocked myself and it's basically like shuffling across carpet with your socks on, then touching somebody, only really loud and bright. Not bad at all.

angad said...

oh you little scientist you :-P 'dramatic' is the word to use :) i used to shock the hell out of people after rubbing my sweaters all over my times :D

try shuffling around on carpet in the night with the lights turned off, or under the darkness of a similarly built blanket (pull it all over your's beautiful...also try to get some fireflies under your blanket while doing so...they're actually easier to find than most people think! we're just not used to looking for garden treasures in the dark anymore...although don't take my word for it, i've lost my touch in the field of firefly enslaving :-P