Sunday, January 16, 2011

An evening in KP

Koregaon Park is an older and very nice part of Pune. It is known for being the expat area, which is why I wasn't terribly inclined to live there when Mr. Boaz was looking for houses. I saw more white folks in an hour or two there than I have in all the rest of my time in Pune. But it was nearly impossible for me to judge from afar and as it turns out its, shall we say, Indian-ness is not at all overwhelmed by the relative concentration of foreigners.

Pune India Koregoan Park side streetAs an older part of Pune, it doesn't have the same sort of planned development that we live in and around. The architecture is a little more interesting, trees a little more grown up. Here's a shot of a side street. The main streets are lined with shops, especially handicraft and gift emporiums.

Pune India Koregoan Park street magicianAs we were walking, we were stopped by a street magician. It was an entertaining display of your usual prestidigitation. But he ended with a charming surprise. He asked each of us our favorite flower and to make a fist. Upon rubbing our fists together, our hands came away smelling of jasmine and roses respectively.

Pune India Koregoan Park Ganesha templeWe passed several public shrines. This one is about middle sized, honoring Ganesh.

Pune India Koregoan Park rickshaw standThe same in our neighborhood has many more autos, but not such a forward sign.

Pune India Koregoan Park tourist crossing signThere was some debate as to whether this was an Oompa Loompa crossing or a tourist crossing.

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