Friday, January 28, 2011

A whole new world of troubleshooting

Yesterday I nearly smashed my hairdryer to bits for refusing to work.  Don't worry, I restrained myself.  It was one in a long line of little tiny things that were just not going right that day.  Eventually I realized we had lost power, which is particularly common on Thursdays.  We have a battery backup system and the light in the bathroom was still working, so it wasn't obvious.

Our washer has also not been working.  The repairman came in this afternoon and maybe the 2nd thing he checked was that the water supply was on.  It wasn't.  This felt a lot like the time my garbage disposal wasn't working and the first thing the repairman did was push the reset button.

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AndreaGlick said...

OMG. I would smashed my hair dryer. I hate when my appliances don't work. Hi Siera tell Boaz hi.