Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting the house ready

The company stops paying for the hotel after the 12th. My mission this week is getting the house ready.

Tomorrow I'll hire a car, go to several malls, and finalize appliance purchases with the real estate agent. The list of things to get immediately just so that we can live in the house keeps seeming to get longer. "Electric kettle" - Hm, I may be including more than is absolutely necessary.

I mosey over to the house each day to make sure the painting will be complete before we move in this weekend, measure things, etc. Today they had finished the rooftop terrace. It is very pink.


Anonymous said...

wow, that terrace floor is very pink; I like it. What other colors did you choose? I tried to comment a few days ago but screwed up on the profile thing. So, you feel that you have to cover up to be acceptable there? Don't Indian women wear saris that show their bare arms? But their legs are covered so pants would do the job? I hope you feel safe.
It sounds like your neighborhood is clean but the vast majority are not? Was the rickshaw ride fun? The mall sounds strange except that it seems there's an intn'l food court.
I had Indian-style food at a Krishna owned buffet today and thought of you guys. Tonight I watched a documentary which was filmed partially in India about a surrogacy center; can't remember the name of the city. At least I can feel a little connected.
Can you ask Boey to skype some evening/ morning? Love the blog, would also like to hear from him.
Have fun decorating!

Siera said...

The guest room will be yellow and the office grey. We are leaving the rest of the house the white and very pale blue that it already is.

Yes, saris show the arms. They also usually show the midriff! I haven't seen any women in knee length skirts though, which is my everyday uniform. Capri pants are pretty common.

The issue is more that I am always stared at, especially when walking on the street outside Magarpatta City. I don't even see more affluent looking Indian women walking around much. I think they are in cars or on bikes. I must be a sight and it makes me self conscious, so I'm just more comfortable more covered up.

I usually feel fine in a sleeveless top too, but the upper arm is considered kind of erotic, especially to Muslims. Whereas all these bare midriffs would be more salacious back in the states. It would be totally inappropriate to say visit a mosque here in a tshirt and knee length skirt. Usually women need to cover their heads there as well. So a scarf is handy for its flexibility.

:) Glad to here you're taking this adventure with us as much as you can. I'll pass the message along.