Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Symphonies of India

I really enjoyed sitting out on our hotel terrace in the evening, listening to the cacophony of horns, whooping sirens, utterly charming 'my car is backing up!' jingles, children laughing, music playing. It all sort of blended together, the symphony of India, I thought.

The house in Kumar City is usually quiet and the exceptions aren't pleasant. Most of our neighbors have dogs. Do the security guards do rounds at night? They get up to barking like mad at all hours. In the morning there are supersonic flybys, helicopters, whathaveyou (a lot of military establishments are in Pune, including the Indian Army's Southern Command HQ and the National Defense Academy). Pigeons freak out in the airshaft adjacent to the bathrooms. Their cooing (that is so not the right word) is loud and guttural, like they have been crossed with monkeys.

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